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what you want to say out loud...

The is an output from iDecide project and is a politically neutral initiative that seeks to amplify young peoples knowledge and participation on democratic systems, either at national or European level.

For sure you have plenty of things to say to politicians, decision makers, to your friends, colleagues and to the world in general. Well, we think we can solve that problem, and maybe you can use all your creativity to speak out your mind and help us build a larger and stronger campaign for good ideas. It's quite easy! Below you can customize your own poster and then share it with your friends, on your favorite social networks, or just print it to hang it on your wall. Do as many as you can imagine!!! and remember, the best ones will be awarded!

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Disclaimer: Remember, you are the sole responsible of your posters contents. The partnership of the project will not be responsible for any misuse of this application or of any improper words or sentences that you might inscribe in your posters. All contents that are considered abusive or offensive to any third parties, partners or persons will be removed. Also, project team promotes “NO HATE SPEECH” at all time. Help us respect that. For further information please read our terms of use and policy privacy. By submitting a poster you are agreeing with those terms and policies.

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Have your say. Be creative!


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