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you can find below a set of links to useful references about iDecide main topics. Democracy, citizenship, youth active participation, EU institutions, European Parliament Elections, and much more! Enjoy and ACT!

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This time is different...

These are turbulent times in the history of Europe. For many people in Europe, these are hard times. As times have changed, so have we. The European Parliament now has more power in shaping Europe than ever before...

You can make a real difference...

Hold on to what’s worth keeping, change what needs changing. Or question and criticise. Share your thoughts and react. The European way is not about one vision or one goal; it’s about giving every opinion a fair chance...


Through the European Parliament, you have more power than you think. You make a direct impact on everyone’s future and more importantly: on your own and on the future of the next generations too.

Together we have more power!

As times are changing, so are we. Since the last European elections, the rules of the game have changed. The European Parliament now has more power, both to set the political direction of Europe and over the day-to-day decisions which affect us all...

Everything about EU

Visit the EU official site. Know everything there is to know, and that's a lot, about EU and its Institutions!

All about the EU Parliament

Visit the European Parliament page and get informed on what is changing.

European Elections 2014

The EU Elections 2014 official website. Here you can find all the information about political groups, who are the MEPs (the members of the Parliament) and the new candidates, what are the main issues in discussion, and also every detail you need to know about your country!

Youth in Europe! Wow!!!

Visit the European Youth Portal. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for?

MyVote 2014 aims to help reverse that trend by informing young and first-time voters about key decisions taken by the European Parliament, and showing what is at stake in key policy areas and by demonstrating that EU politics can be both interesting and fun.

Electio 2014

Electio2014 is a platform in 24 languages designed to help you decide which candidate or party to vote for in the 2014 European Parliament elections. ‘Electio’ means ‘the choice’ in Latin.

Use your POWER!

what you should KNOW...



The is an output from iDecide project and is a politically neutral initiative that seeks to amplify young peoples knowledge and participation on democratic systems, either at national or European level.

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